The Yoga of the Soul retreat

An Activating and Meditative Journey For Healers

Hyperdimensional Creation Techniques

Creating unique styles and/or further refining and developing spiritual gifts & divination practices.  

The Yoga of the Soul Retreat takes place January 22-25, 2020, in Florida exact location TBD with participants. This retreat will provide a sacred and creative space for participants to discover, develop and further understand their spiritual abilities. It is a space where healers can come to be poured into and pour into others. It will educate and provide tools that facilitate growth and expansion.


The investment for this retreat includes Supreme Essence's delicious and 100% plant-based meals. Meals will be served at allocated times of the day for group communion. Retreat members are encouraged to bring snacks along with them if they so choose to. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies that we may need to know about. 


This retreat is for Every one, but will especially appeal to those interested in:​

  • meditation

  • breath work

  • light & shadow work

  • energy cultivation

  • discovering and increasing spiritual gifts

  • healing and being a healer

  • embodied spirituality

Who wish to:​

  • Cultivate a deeper connection with oneself

  • Learn and receive various healing and transcendental techniques & exercises to bridge the gap between the higher and lower self.

  • Discover and/or expand on their spiritual gifts in order to fulfill their purpose

  • Stabilize your Consciousness/Psychic Activity in the Higher Centers

  • Unfold the intuitive language of the Soul in waking state and through Dream Yoga 

  • Assimilate and Utilize akashic downloads practically

  • Create and Crystallize your subtle Immortal Energy system that you take with you upon the death of your physical body

During this retreat you will/learn/receive:

  • Intuition Exercises

  • Auric Maintenance

  • Revolutionary Aquarian Age Ascetic Practices

  • Hyper-dimensional warfare 

  • Gong bath and Sound massage 

  • Breathwork  

  • Law of Purification

  • Guided meditations 

  • Esoteric Visualizations

  • Economize energy and expand your energy field 

  • Receive and learn powerful energy clearings

  • Practice increasing intuition sensitivity and spiritual abilities 

  • Increase understanding and importance of unity consciousness via group experience.

Join us on this Sacred Journey


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Private room:

Features one King sized bed with outdoor patio to gorgeous view

$750 for single

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With option to share the private room with a partner, friend, or family member. Each additional person is $300

Shared room:

Share a large room with outdoor patio with other retreat members for:

$650 per person

*Early bird special $575/pp

Rooms include bunk and twin beds. Preference for beds will be granted in order of payments received.

*Early bird special is for those who pay the early bird pricing in full by 8pm on December 22, 2020.

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