Challenge of Discipleship

a Sacred journey

This offering is for serious inquiries only. 


It is more commonly said that it takes on average 21 days to form a habit, but truthfully, studies show that on average it actually takes a person 66 days to form a habit. 


And thus this 66 day challenge was birthed starting 11/14-1/19. This challenge will go into the 2023 year which is the year of the 7 which brings about the energy of self study, self discipline, sharpening ones gifts, deepening their engagement within the mysterious, occult, and spiritual parts of life. 


The year 2022 in the numerology is the collective’s personal year 6. The 6 energy brings about our attention towards matters of the heart. Our pleasures and problems in relation to our various type of relationships, our responsibilities, how well we care for ourselves, healing and balance. 


The Challenge of Discipleship is designed to devout 66 days to energy cultivation, collective transcendental consciousness, mindful eating, service, and deepening ones connection to self in order to be of loving and conscious support to the whole. 


During our 66 days we will be engaging in the following:


  1. Meeting virtually on zoom 4 days a week at 5:30am-6am est Monday, Wednesday & Friday for rising rituals. The meetings will be recorded for those in different time zones. For the first 3 days we will be in preparation and intention. After this we will be engaging in 9 weeks of 7 days of devoted time to a particular spiritual practice. For example during week 1 we will do the same kundalini kris yoga practices, week 2 chanting the same mantra for 7 days straight and so on. The remaining 4 days are done by self. 

  2. Every Sunday the group will be given spiritual literature to read and to discuss by the following Sunday. 

  3. A guided weekly mindful eating plan that consist of one day of liquid fasting, 3 days of completely raw vegan foods, and 3 days of clean raw and cooked vegan meals. 

  4. Each week the group is encourage to do one act of service. Ie donate funds to someone in need, provide melas for those in need, offer a free class, donate clothing etc. In the end you would have performed 9 acts of service. 

  5. A group chat to stay connected to all those invoiced in the journey. It is a place to help one another to stay accountable and engage in conversation about the awakenings, enlightenment and shifts taking place within one another.


This will be a transformative journey. 

Looking forward to all we will unfold together. 

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