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The awakening Virtual retreat

a Sacred journey to self

Upcoming 2023 Awakening Retreats 

The below-listed dates will be our only dates for The Awakening for the year 2023. This is our most popular and revered retreat and is highly effective and comes widely recommended. We truly believe and have seen that those who attend, attend for a sacred and purposeful reason and that the group aligns exactly as it should. If you found yourself here, its for a chosen reason.

March 24th-27th 2023 (sold out)

April 21-24th 2023 (sold out)

August 4th-7th 2023

September 22nd-25th 2023

October 13th-16th

Our nationwide, renowned The Awakening: A Sacred Journey to Self is a self-discovering, self-healing, replenishing, and enlightening retreat designed to activate or deepened one's connection to self. From the very first day to the last, this retreat will deconstruct, build back up, and open up new neural pathways in your being helping to propel you towards your own inner greatness. We have carefully crafted this retreat to meet the needs of individuals and groups from all over the world to be in a collective space to help assist in the essential question one must ask themselves, "who and why am I". This retreat assists in the expansion of one's consciousness and provides a sacred and safe space to dive within. We educate on somatic mysticism, and trauma-informed therapy as we believe this to be one of the greatest obstructions on our path to consciousness. 

The Awakening Retreat takes place about 2 hours N of the Atlanta International Airport, in a scenic mountain Millieu, giving the perfect weekend getaway to explore, transform, and realign.


The cabin has private rooms that are perfect for a single or can be occupied by a couple, friends, or family members. It also has shared room options that have bunk and twin beds that are shared among retreat members. (Shared rooms have anywhere between 2-6 people in them depending on the cabin.) Rooms are spacious and the majority of the retreat is spent outside of the rooms engaged in sacred practices. 


The cabin is conveniently located between the Atlanta and Chattanooga airport. Transportation from the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport will be available, and the accommodating van will be leaving at 3:00 pm on Fridays. If coming from out of town, please make sure that your flight is landing at least by 2:30 pm on Friday. For those who need transportation accommodations, an additional fee of $100 will be charged for your transport to and from the airport. The retreat will end at 10:30 am on Monday and drop off to the airport will be at 12:30 pm (flights booked should be a minimum of two hours after this time).

The investment for this retreat also includes Supreme Essence's delicious and 100% plant-based gourmet meals, fresh fruit, teas, and water provided to you by our private chef. Meals will be served at allocated times of the day for group communion. Retreat members are encouraged to bring snacks along with them. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies that we may need to know about ahead of time.

The investment for this retreat covers your beautiful lodging, near or on a healing and medicinal river, an easy hike to breathtaking scenic canyon mountains and waterfalls, 8 chef-prepared meals, takeaways and material, and a life-changing and transformative well-designed program created and led by Akiyla & Neptune Sri LoveWisdom.


This retreat is for Everyone, but will especially appeal to those interested in:​

  • meditation

  • yoga

  • connecting with nature 

  • healing and being a healer

  • embodied spirituality

Who wish to:​

  • cultivate a deeper connection with oneself

  • reduce stress

  • learn and receive various healing and transcendental techniques & exercises to bridge the gap between the higher and lower self.

  • address their traumas

  • discover and/or expand on their spiritual gifts in order to fulfill their purpose

  • treat themselves to a beautiful, blissful, nurturing, and healing get-away


During this retreat, you will/learn/receive:


  • Integrating the psyche from a state of fragmentation to wholeness 

  • Emotionally reparenting techniques

  • Advanced trauma release exercises 

  • Gong bath and Sound massage  

  • Yoga sessions 

  • Guided meditations 

  • Esoteric Visualizations

  • Shinrin Yoko (Forest bathing therapy)  a term that means "taking in the forest atmosphere" It was developed in Japan and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

  • Contact your Higher Self to make informed decisions on day to day basis 

  • Receive powerful energy clearings

  • Tap into the wisdom of the body 

  • Release negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind

  • Practice increasing intuition sensitivity and spiritual abilities 

  • Increase understanding and importance of unity consciousness via group experience.

only $222 to secure your spot!

Payment Plans Available!
 Secure your spot by making a $222 deposit that will go towards your total investment. OR pay in full and benefit from our 5% discount. We also provide PayPals pay now, pay later personal loan services.

investment in Self

Private room:

Features one bed 

$1222 for single

$1111 With option to share the private room with a partner, friend, or family members. Each additional person is $550

Shared room:

Share a room with other retreat members for:

$850 per person

early bird $750/pp 

Rooms include bunk twin beds. Preference for beds will be granted in order of payments received.

*Early bird special is for those who pay the early bird pricing in full the 1st of the month before the retreat. For example if the retreat is March 18th the Early bird ends February 1st. April 19th the early bird special ends March 1st. All full payments are due the month of on the 1st. 

Space is limited, act now! Secure your spot by filling out the Contact Form below.

 due to prepayments for lodging, staff and material provided all payments made are non-refundable.
Please read policy carefully.

After sign up for the retreat you will receive a Docu-sign and welcome email that will confirm you are aware that all of our retreats are non-refundable.  If there are any extenuating circumstances a notice must be given to the host as soon as possible, and if available there may be an option to transfer your spot for an additional fee, (due to limited spaces, transfers are NOT guaranteed, please plan accordingly. 

Join The Journey!

Only $222 to Secure Your Spot!

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