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Inner Child reading

Healing work to make more of you available in this moment and  turn painful imprints of the past into the conscious connections in the present 

Inner child readings work to unveil the dominant core lesson(s) your inner child is wanting to convey to you. We all have some sort of story or stories, these stories are usually a part of a grander life dilemma that stems from intrauterine to early childhood imprints that were imposed over our perfect blueprint of health. Being a baby was the most formative time of our being. The quality and tone for all of our relationships was modeled off of this time period. The beautiful thing about the healing work is that based upon quantum entanglement is that in the present time we can also change the narrative around our past memories both the explicit and implicit (nonverbal/somatic memories) and our interpretation of those memories.

These imprints form an inner map which have remarkably stable across long periods of time. 


 This reading is a marriage of masculine reasoning and feminine intuition. You will have a deeper grasp and appreciation of what your inner child is wanting to communicate to you here and now in the present.


 It consists of lessons from various developmental stages (ages), healthy attunement practices, psycho-motor skill training, nervous system regulation techniques, tips for healthy ego structure/formation, and few more surprise keys (so that your inner child is playfully kept on their toes).


 The reading will be an unveiling of the current state of your inner child as well as practical actionable steps that you can take for integration and wholeness. Together let's resolve the childhood emotions and experiences your ‘inner child’  may still hold, as well as harness the joy, innocence, and confidence that are your birthright.

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