Amount: 1oz
Usage: 1 to 3g are sufficient for use. 

The Egyptian Blue Lotus flower is a Sacred and highly revered Plant used by the ancient Kemetian (Egyptians). 

The dried flowers have been traditionally steeped in a tea or wine, or smoked to give a sense of peaceful relaxation.This herb is a nervine and as such, it works upon the nervous system(s)to relax  the entire body and release tensions. It is used as a sleep aid, anxiety reliever, skin rejuvenator, and to treat gastrointestinal problems. 

It also is a powerful antioxidant. Its two main alkaloids are nuciferine and aporphine that activate serotonin and dopamine receptors. It is also a natural aphrodisiac and used for erectile dysfunction. 

In ancient times, for parties, the kemetians use to put the lotus flowers in wine for 3 days for up to 2 weeks for a very potent infusion used in social gatherings. The medicinal experience of Blue lotus changes from person to person very much like an adaptogen.It gives whatever you require in the moment.

Psycho spiritually speaking this herb was used to Deepen the Consciousness, aid in Dream work and establish a higher Connection to the Divine. This flower, if used over time helps to heighten intuition as well as one’s awareness to the present moment. It encourages one to become one with the now. This blend is paired with mugwort for its synergistic dream-work capacity and chamomile for smoothness and full bodied taste.Results may vary with the phases of the moon. Happy travels.

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