A nourishing blend of Organic herbs. Incuding Wild Red Reishi, Ormes,Gotu kola, Gingko Billoba, Rhodiola, Brahmi Leaf and Rosemary that can help increase mental clarity, focus, and memory.This Adaptogenic-Nootropic powerhouse has numerous benefits which may include the following.

  • Protection of DNA and block cell mutation
  • Improved Liver Function
  • Powerful Immunomodulation
  • Anti-cancerous
  • Major source of nerve growth factor
  • Effective against acrylamide ; a neurotoxin linked to neuro-deggenerative disorders


Comes in an 8oz Jar Take 1tsp in water, smoothie, or juice daily for 30 days. 

Not to be taken if pregnant, nursing, or on blood thinners. Consult with doctor if on any medications

The Supreme Brain Activator

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Brain Activator
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