Amount: 1oz
Usage: Do not combine this with over the counter pain reliever or pharmaceutical anti-depressants. Any where from 1 to 3 grams is sufficient for use.
Information: Leonotis leonurus is also known as wild dagga ('wild cannabis', although it is not related to cannabis at all ) and lion's tail. Wild dagga flowers and leaves were traditionally smoked by the Khoikhoi tribe of southern Africa because of its euphoric properties. Deeper than that, they also utilized it as a plant teacher and ally to promote physical healing, spiritual connectivity and to deepen ones consciousness. 

Wild dagga grows mainly in southern and eastern Africa. The main active alkaloid is leonurine which is responsible for its sedative effects. Wild dagga is good at enhancing deep meditative sleep, as well as lucid dream work.

It can be drunk as tea or smoked. If smoked, it is a bit harsh by itself which is why we added  chamomile to the mixture for smoothness and mugwort for synergistic dream work experience.

Most of the active alkaloid is concentrated in the flower itself, but the whole plant can be utilized. 

This can also be used as a tobacco replacement.

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