Greetings, we are pleased to announce our first course of the semester titled “The Yoga of The Soul”.This will be a comprehensive discourse on The Nature of the Soul, Its anatomy, mechanics and practical techniques to bring the Soul to the forefront of your life.Discussing the relationship of the Soul and the Spirit, how to marry the two to beget the experience of At-One-Ment ; a State of Wholeness in everyday life. Simpy put this class will set forth the ways and process by which we begin top establish the firm rule of our Spirit over our Lower nature.This course will also feature modules designed to teach you psychic self-defense and enter into planetary service as a group.

It is a Syncretic blend of many diverse schools of thought in the Realm of the Esoteric Wisdom Teachings.There will be six courses in total comprising the fall semester, about 9+ hours of recorded content.Starting wednesday october 30th.In this semester you will learn how to ...

*Stabilize your Consciousness/Psychic Activity in the Higher Centers

*Unfold the intuitive language of the Soul in waking state and through Dream Yoga 

*Assimilate and Utilize akashic downloads practically

*Create and Crystallize your subtle Immortal Energy system that you take with you upon the death of your physical body

This Class will also touch on Auric Maintenance, Law of Purification, the Law of Selfless Service/Sacrifice, Chaos Magick , Occult Visualization, Breathwork, Revolutionary Aquarian Age Ascetic Practices, Fragmentation of the Psyche through Trauma and integration of The Self through Oneness/Wholism, and Lastly the Multidimensional Self and Not- Self.

The Yoga of the Soul


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