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Vacation Bae

A conscious coupling retreat
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic 

Dates: April 28th-May 2nd 2022

Retreat: Vacation Bae A Conscious Coupling Retreat For Singles

Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic 

Air transit: not included (Passports are needed)

Transportation from the airport: For those coming from the mainland we ask that all participants arrive to the airport by 2:00pm for a 2:30pm pick up from the airport to the retreat lodging. Additional transportation fee will be included closer to retreat dates.

COVID Regulations: All participants MUST present a negative testing lab result in order to enter the country of Dominican Republic (SUBJECT TO CHANGE, stay updated by visiting the link below)

Vacation Relationship School

In the complicated world of relationships people need a space to work on themselves, grow, evolve and still have an amazing experience. Find your Vacation Bae provides the opportunity for people to delve into the science of relationships and the yoga of love within the beautiful backdrop of the Dominican Republic. 

Where you meet someone and how you meet someone, creates the seed of that relationship and sets the tone for how it will grow. We are creating an incubator for elevated connections and unions. This is a space for single people to meet others of similar mindsets and explore the possibilities. 

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enjoy the bliss, the beach and the beauty of the islands and consider this an invitation to an education, a vacation, some elevation and maybe even a baecation.



This Retreat May be for you if:

  • Your are a single person looking to meet like minded people in a beautiful, healing environment

  • Your someone who wants to delve deeper into how to create a conscious healthy connection

  • Your someone that wants to learn about relationships and heal your heart

  • Your a person who struggled with relationships and wants to uncover the shadows blocking your love life

  • Your someone who has experienced heart break and doesn’t know how to reenter the dating world

This retreat is for Singles, and will especially appeal to those interested in:​

  • Sacred Sexuality

  • Yoga

  • Connecting with paradisal nature 

  • Understanding the Divine Feminine and Masculine

  • Conscious relationships

Who wish to:​

  • approach relationships from a more aware perspective

  • meet like minded people

  • relax in a healing and transformative environment 

  • treat themselves to a beautiful, blissful, and nurturing get-away


Thursday April 28th

5:30 Pm: Arrive And Settle In Take In Space Around You. Focus Your Intention Of Why You Are Here, While Making Room For More Expansion.

6:30 Pm: Meet & Greet, Overview, Facilitator Introduction. Group Icebreaker.

7:30: Dinner

9:00: Free Time

Friday April 29th

9:00 Am: Rising Heart Meditation, Kriya Yoga, And Guided Visualization

10:00 Am: Breakfast

11:30 Am: Group Activity (Structure Of Relationship) 1:00 Pm: Break/Lunch/ Explore The Area

3:30 Pm: Group Excursion

6:30 Pm : Dinner

7:15 Pm : Group Activation ( Activity)

9:00 Pm : Awakening Intimacy

Saturday April 30th

9:00 Am: Rising Breath-Work & Visualization

10:00 Am: Breakfast

11:30 Am: Group Activity( Communication Workshop) 

1:00 Pm: Break/Lunch/ Group Excursion Waterfall

7:15 Pm: Dinner

9:00 Pm: Group Activity (Collective Divine M&F Expression)

Sunday May 1st

9:00 Am: Rising Yoga Sequence, Visualization, And Chanting 10:00 Am: Breakfast

11:30 Am: Group Activity ( Individual Divine M&F Break Away Groups)

1:00 Pm: Break/Lunch/Explore The Area

3:30 Pm: Group Excursion

6:30 Pm: Dinner

7:30 Pm: Group Activity (Archetype/Myth Story Telling)

9:00 Pm: Opening The Heart

Monday May 2nd

8:00 Am: Rising Meditation

8:45 Am: Breakfast/Farewell/Closing Group Empowerment

only $222 to secure your spot!

Payment Plans Available!
 Secure your spot by making a $222 deposit that will go towards your total investment. Then divide payment amount by the amount months left until paid in full.


5% Discounts For Paying in FULL by December 31st

Shared room:

Share a luxury home with other retreat members for:

$800 per person (Lodging included)


$500 per person (Without Lodging) 

*Must pay in full by 8pm on

March 28th 2022

Only 20 slots 

10 lodging

10 without lodging

Space is limited, act now! Secure your spot by filling out the Contact Form below.

 all payments made are non-refundable.  
Join The Journey!

Only $137 to Secure Your Spot!

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