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 Supreme Essence Group Therapy Alchemy Sessions

 Welcome we invite you to join our (virtual) Supreme Essence Group Therapy Alchemy Sessions!


These group therapeutic sessions are for people experiencing overwhelming amounts of stress, anxiety, depression, and general mental & emotional restlessness. Group therapy has been proven to be very effective for many people so don't hesitate to seek help, support, and a sense of belonging to a group.


One of the beautiful dynamics of working in group setting is that relationally speaking groups represent families. Many of us come from households where the family dynamics weren't healthy resulting in some form of traumatization, early childhood development issues  and or relational ruptures occurred either between parent/caregiver and child or even sibling to sibling.


This particular 8 week round of group therapy sessions will focus on identifying self-sabotaging beliefs we've held onto since early childhood, and ways to renegotiate the experience so they don't remain the lens we view reality from.The methodologies used are in place so that moving forward you won't need to continually come back for therapy but you yourself can start to adjust and shift how your past comes up in your present. One of the goals in mind with this therapy is to create a perceptual and physiological shift whereby we can have authentic fulfillment in our relationship to ourselves and with others.


During these sessions there will be an emphasis on the therapeutic interventions of body-oriented psychotherapy, somatic psychology, music therapy, somatic experiential meditations, nervous system regulation dynamics, experiential dreamwork, personal consultations/energy readings.

Who is this is for ?

Anyone willing and ready to discuss, as well as, process internal issues in a group setting.

Anyone wanting and ready to initiate the process of digesting repressed material in the body-mind complex.

Anyone who is ready to move deeper into healing for their family lineage and transcend present programming.


5 Major benefits of Supreme Essence Group Therapy :

  • Creation of a powerful group container to process issues that are not only individual problems but shared patterns across the entire human family. 

  • Develop embodied communication skills and soulcial skills.

  • Cultivate more self awareness, emotional intelligence, body awareness, and mental re-patterning.

  • Motivation to propel you forward towards wholeness.

  • Cost far less than individual counseling. 

   Supreme Essence Group Therapy Alchemy Sessions will span from Oct.3- Nov.21st, we will meet each Sunday at 5pm for approximately 60-90 minutes at a time.

   Investment: $222


   * You will receive a confirmation email upon payment and zoom link for all virtual sessions  





 ***If you are experiencing immediate crisis/suicidal thoughts then group therapy is not recommended, you must at least be at an acceptable level of daily functioning to effectively participate in group therapy alchemy*** 

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