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Challenge of Discipleship

a Sacred journey

This offering is for serious inquiries only. 

Invest in self for the benefit of all



It is more commonly said that it takes on average 21 days to form a habit, but truthfully, studies show that on average it actually takes a person 66 days to form a habit. 


Starting January 11th, we will embark upon a spiritually, mentally stimulating and emotionally balancing journey together. 2023 reduces to the number 7. In numerology, the number 7 brings about the energy of self study, self discipline, sharpening ones gifts, deepening their engagement within the mysterious, occult, and spiritual parts of life. It is also a time to dive deeper into learning or educating yourself more on the things that most interest you.


The year 2022 reduced to the number 6. The 6 energy in numerology may have brought about many of us a closer look at all of our relationships, and matters of the home. Many of us were reevaluating the purpose, inspiration, value and motivation behind the relationships that we have in our lives. Over the course of the 2022 year, some of those relationships strengthened, others were let go, while some took on different forms. This external view also had many of us reflect on how all of these relationships had an effect on us. We learned more about our communication styles, how we show up or don't show up for the people we love, what are needs are, what are boundaries are and so much more. And after that much needed external review, the 7 energy brings in a much needed further reflection on our inner terrain. Bringing acknowledgment to the things within us that need growth, maturing, and further development as well as basking in the parts about us that are flourishing and needing outlets to further express its Divinity. 


The Challenge of Discipleship is designed to devout 66 days to that. It is designed to develop, maintain, or establish energy cultivation, create collective transcendental consciousness, embark upon mindful eating, engaging in acts of service, and deepening ones connection to self in order to be of loving and conscious support to oneself and in turn for the whole. 


During our 66 days we will be engaging in the following:


  1. Meeting virtually on zoom 3 days a week at 5:30am-6am est. Those days will be Monday, Wednesday & Friday for rising rituals. The meetings will be recorded for those in different time zones. For the first 3 days we will be in preparation and intention. After this we will be engaging in 9 weeks of 7 days of devoted time to a particular spiritual practice. For example during week 1 we will do the same kundalini kriya yoga practices, week 2 chanting the same mantra for 7 days straight and so on. The remaining 4 days are done by self. This is where self-discipline is called into action!  

  2. Every Sunday the group will be given spiritual literature to read and to discuss via zoom by the following Sunday. This zoom call will be held every Sunday at 10am for 60-90min 

  3. A guided weekly mindful eating plan that consist of one day of liquid fasting, 3 days of completely raw vegan foods, and 3 days of raw foods and 1 cooked vegan meals. This regimen will produce a manageable cleanse, and break on the digestive system. It will assist those seeking to get their eating back on track, as well as assist in weight loss, and nourish the body healthily.

  4. Each week the group is encouraged to do one act of service. The year of the 7 is a year of spiritual devotion, and being in contact with spirit will naturally inspire you to give as you are so abundantly receiving. Some examples of service is donate funds to someone in need, provide meals for those in need, offer a free class, donate clothing etc. In the end you would have performed 9 acts of service. 

  5. A group chat to stay connected to all those invoiced in the journey. It is a place to help one another to stay accountable and engage in conversation about the awakenings, enlightenment and shifts taking place within one another.

Each group member will be invited to join a Facebook group page and group chat where we will have real time access to one another to share our journeys together. As apart of our accountability program the group will be asked to share daily on their journey within the group messaging. This will be a way to help you journal and share in your experience together. At the end of the 66 days there will be a special gift given to those who remain dedicated to the path. Are you ready for an enlightening expedition?

Exact blueprint will only be given to participants upon sign up. 


This will be a transformative journey. 

Looking forward to all we will unfold together. 

Join The Journey!

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