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Challenge of Discipleship

Of Enlightenment

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Level 1 - June 13th 2024

Level 2 - Jun 16nd 2024 2pm

It is more commonly said that it takes on average 21 days to form a habit, but truthfully, studies show that on average it actually takes a person 66 days to form a habit.


Embark on a 66-day journey of discipleship and enlightenment, a profound exploration into the depths of spiritual wisdom and personal transformation. This transformative course invites serious students, those earnestly seeking to expand consciousness, fortify spiritual practices, and connect with like-minded souls.

Each week is dedicated to a unique theme, delving into various aspects of spiritual and character development. Immerse yourself in the profound teachings of esoteric spiritual literature, engage in thought-provoking group discussions that elevate the soul, and participate in collective meditative and yogic practices that align with the weekly focus.

This course is crafted for serious students—those earnestly seeking to expand their consciousness and fortify their spiritual practices. Join a community of like-minded souls resonating with similar aspirations, as you delve into the depths of your spiritual journey together.

Course Highlights

  1. Esoteric Wisdom: Delve into the profound teachings of esoteric spiritual literature, unlocking ancient wisdom that holds the key to enlightenment.

  2. Group Discussions: Engage in soul-enriching discussions with fellow seekers, exploring diverse perspectives and deepening your understanding of spiritual truths.

  3. Collective Practices: Experience the power of collective meditation and yogic exercises, fostering a shared energy that amplifies the transformative effects of your spiritual journey.

  4. Weekly Themes: Each week unveils a new theme, guiding your exploration of various aspects of spiritual and character development, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive growth experience.


For Serious Seekers: This course is for those committed to the journey of self-discovery and spiritual ascension. If you are ready to invest in your spiritual evolution, strengthen your practices, and connect with kindred spirits, this is the path for you.

Why Engage in This Work: In a world filled with distractions, chaos, and constant change, cultivating a strong spiritual foundation becomes paramount. This course provides a structured and intentional space for you to deepen your connection with your inner self, fortify your spiritual practices, and find solace and inspiration among a community of like-hearted individuals.

Join us on this transformative 66-day odyssey—where enlightenment meets discipline, and spiritual growth becomes a shared journey. Together, let's uncover the profound mysteries of existence and elevate our collective consciousness.

9 Week Program Level 1

  • What it Means to Be a disciple 

  • How 'conflict' prepares and chisels you on your path of discipleship. And finding ways to move through conflict with grace

  • The Way of the Heart

  • Remaining a disciple of light in the face of darkness

  • Divine Feminine - Sacred Rage, The Wild Woman, The Nurturer

  • Divine Masculine - Actionable steps towards a path of purpose

  • Sacred Silence 

  • The Inner Healer

  • A Disciple of Alchemizing and Transmuting Energy & Management

During our 66 days, we will be: 

  1. Meeting virtually on Zoom 2 days a week from 6:30-7 am est. Those days will be Monday & Friday for rising rituals. The meetings will be recorded for those in different time zones. For the first 3 days, we will be in preparation and intention. After this, we will be engaging in 9 weeks of 7 days of devoted time to a particular spiritual practice. For example, during week 1 we will do the same kundalini kriya yoga practices, in week 2 chanting the same mantra for 7 days straight, and so on. The remaining 4 days are done by yourself. This is where self-discipline is called into action!  

  2. Every Sunday the group will be given spiritual literature to read and discuss via Zoom by the following Sunday. This zoom call will be held every Sunday at 2 pm for 60 min

  3. A guided weekly mindful eating plan that consists of one day of liquid fasting, 2 days of completely raw vegan foods, and 4 days of clean plant-based food is encouraged to deepen the experience but is not required. This regimen will produce a manageable cleanse and give a break to the digestive system. It will assist those seeking to get their eating back on track, quicken the absorption of the practices done, weight loss or management, and nourish the body healthily.

  4. Each week the group is encouraged to do one act of service. Some examples of service are donating funds to someone in need, providing meals for those in need, offering a free class, donating clothing, etc. In the end, you would have performed 9 acts of service. 

  5. A group chat to stay connected to all those invoiced in the journey. It is a place to help one another to stay accountable and engage in conversation about the awakenings, enlightenment, and shifts taking place within one another.

Each group member will be invited to join a Facebook group page and group chat where we will have real-time access to one another to share our journeys. As part of our accountability program, the group will be asked to share daily on their journey within the group messaging. This will be a way to help you journal and share your experience together. At the end of the 66 days, there will be a special gift given to those who remain dedicated to the path. Are you ready for an enlightening expedition?

Level 2 

Level 2 allows you opportunities for leadership, dive deeper into your studies, and ends with a group project. During our level 2 course we will meet Monday and Wednesday 7:00-7:30am est. Each level 2 student will have a chance to lead one of the meditative and yogic mornings for level 1 students. It also includes a group project consisting of a virtual live event. Level 2 studies include both readings and/or video lectures. All other practices such as food regimen, acts of service, and Sunday meet-ups at  9:00am for 60 mins.

9 Week program 

  • Thoughtforms

  • The depths of energy

  • Intentional & Sacred Communication

  • Sacred Sounds

  • The Integration of Spirituality into Practicality

  • The Art of Surrender- one of Disciples greatest masterpieces

  • The right use of Will

  • Sacred Detachment

  • Initiation​

Level 3 & 4 - Revealed only to level 2 and beyond students seeking to go on to the next

The exact blueprint will only be given to participants upon sign up. 


This will be a transformative journey. 

Looking forward to all we will unfold together. 

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This offering is for serious students only. 
Invest in self for the benefit of all

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