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Intuitive Counseling

Guiding you to activate the healer within and maximize your journey of self-discovery.

Intuitive Counseling is a healing modality that merges spiritual insight with therapeutic counseling techniques to help assist an individual or group's healing journey, mental well being, interpersonal relations (including one with self), and spiritual growth and development.

 Sessions can be on an as needed basis or during booking can be signed up for monthly sessions at a discounted rate. During intuitive counseling one can expect to have a sacred and safe space to address daily stressors, traumas, inner child work, shadow work, discovering ones purpose, anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, grief, and/or ways to better manage and prepare oneself for intentional living.

Clients can also utilize intuitive counseling as a means to develop and understand themselves spiritually, to activate their spiritual gifts, and identify egoic patterns that may hinder or cause blockages in obtaining them. Intuitive counseling is very client led meaning that the therapist takes it at the pace that the client is ready for, while providing therapeutic exercises and practical tools to accomplish ones goals.

If looking for a more structured approach following a specific guideline given by the therapist, that addresses various topics for inner work and spiritual development please refer to our Personal Transformation Coaching. 

Who can benefit?

  • Those looking to address trauma

  • Those lookin to do inner child work.

  • Those looking to organize and strategize aspects of their life

  • those looking to understand themselves on a deeper level

  • and more!

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