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Private Retreats

Healing in your own Space & Time

Our Private retreats are designed for individuals who thrive more out of group setting, who would like to be provided more focused, with undivided attention to cover material and practices more thoroughly. It is also for individuals who may not be able to attend the group scheduled retreats, and may need something that can fit into their schedule. Retreat dates are scheduled according to the best fit for the particpant(s) and host and will be available from a Friday-Monday. For longer retreat stays be contact us directly to discuss.

Our private retreats are for one person as well as  for groups of people such as families, friends, businesses, etc. 

All of our private retreats provide lodging, Private Chef plant based meals, and an unmatched healing and sacred experience. To book your private retreat contact us today!

Ask about our payment plan


The Awakening

Price is for one an additional $600 for each additional person up to 6 people

A Sacred Journey to Self


Modern Love

In to my Sea

Couples Retreat

A Couples Deep Dive


IMG_9875 2.HEIC

The Shamanic Way

Price is for one an additional $600 for each additional person up to 6 people

Healer's Retreat



The Awakening
A Sacred Journey to Self Retreat


Includes: Lodging, Private Chef, Personal One on One Intensive Mentorship, Theory and Experiential Exercises.


At Supreme Essence we believe that our shadows, traumas and stress are the biggest obstacles on our paths and that learning to navigate our inner terrain is essential for us to actualize our purpose into being. During this retreat it will consist of understanding trauma roots inter-generationally, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. Understand yourself deeper through the nervous system (polyvagal nervous system dynamics), fascia, and musculature. We will study our Perfect Blueprint of health Vs inharmonious imprints received from our past connections, Consciously re-pattern our Conscious/SubConscious minds, Explore the ‘Psychological’ functions of our Muscles and Whole body, Journey into emotional re-parenting, Develop Boundary repair practices along with sustainable centering grounding exercises and Embodied Somatic Resolution practices.

This retreat is also designed and can be individualized for a person looking to connect and discover themselves deeper. To have an Awakening about the part they play in the integral whole. This retreat will create sacred space for individuals to explore their playfulness, and anchor into their devotion of being in their authority and foster growth. It will allow opportunities to process and digest life's experience and help create pathways towards bringing aspirations into fruition. It is designed to have you safely confront your relationship with you, spirit, nature and those whom have the gifted honor of being in your life. 

In this retreat we will be waking upeach rising to set the rhythm of the day with high vibrational practices such as:

  • Mantras/affirmations

  • silence fast

  • Experiential somatic meditations

  • Learning non-violent communication skills

  • Trauma, stress and emotional release

  • Quantum Dive Attunement Sequence

  • Full Body Presence  

  • Heart - Soul based experiential bodywork

  • Freeing the Voice - Healing the Tone of Voice

  • Detoxification protocols for Spiritual Clarity ascension and embodiment

  • Dream Yoga - Yoga Nidra

  • Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Yin Yoga

  • Sacred Heart meditations

  • Forest bathing

  • Cleansing and purification 

  • Energy Management 

  • Journal writing and more. 

Couples Conscious Relating Retreat

Includes: Lodging, Private Chef, Personal One on One Intensive Mentorship, Theory and Experiential Exercises.


During this weekend we will create a Sacred and Divine space to help couples connect and deepened their relationship. We also teach how to skillfully be present in meeting the other persons inner child and  meeting in the present moment.

In this intensive we will be waking up early each rising to set the rhythm of the day with high vibrational practices such as:


  • Couples Tantric Over-toning for grounding and ascension

  • Embodied Touch skills

  • Building nervous system

  • Resiliency for containment of stress and Micro-challenges

  • Couples Mythology - Embodied Archetypes learning your role

  • Role of physical Reproductive

  • Parasite Cleansing in clearing trauma

  • Recovering energetics boundaries

  • Intro into healthy boundary formation and unhealthy enmeshment

  •  Hoponopono'

  • Couples based Quantum Dive Attunement Sequence

  • Angel Chakra Practice for Couples

  • Building of a personal and couples Inner Alchemy Program for the Sacred Union.


Together we will rebuild the shrine of human Relationships.

The Shamanic Way Retreat ​

Includes: Lodging, Private Chef, Personal One on One Intensive Mentorship, Theory and Experiential Exercises.This retreat will provide a sacred and creative space for participants to discover, develop and further understand their spiritual abilities. It is a space where those on the enlightened path no matter where they are on their journey can come to be poured into and pour into others. It will educate and provide tools that facilitate growth and expansion.

This retreat is for Every one, but will especially appeal to those interested in:​

  • meditation

  • breath work

  • light & shadow work

  • energy cultivation

  • discovering and increasing spiritual gifts

  • healing and being a healer

  • embodied spirituality

Who wish to:​

  • Cultivate a deeper connection with oneself

  • Learn and receive various healing and transcendental techniques & exercises to bridge the gap between the higher and lower self.

  • Discover and/or expand on their spiritual gifts in order to fulfill their purpose

  • Stabilize your Consciousness/Psychic Activity in the Higher Centers

  • Unfold the intuitive language of the Soul in waking state and through Dream Yoga 

  • Assimilate and Utilize akashic downloads practically

  • Create and Crystallize your subtle Immortal Energy system that you take with you upon the death of your physical body

During this retreat you will/learn/receive:

  • Intuition Exercises

  • Auric Maintenance

  • Revolutionary Aquarian Age Ascetic Practices

  • Hyper-dimensional warfare 

  • Gong bath and Sound massage 

  • Breathwork  

  • Law of Purification

  • Guided meditations 

  • Esoteric Visualizations

  • Economize energy and expand your energy field 

  • Receive and learn powerful energy clearings

  • Practice increasing intuition sensitivity and spiritual abilities 

  • Increase understanding and importance of unity consciousness via group experience.

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