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Raw Vegan, Juice, & Wellness
Chef Certification
virtual & In Person

a Cleansing & Rejuvenating Retreat

In Person Dates:

June 23-25th

Location: Atlanta, GA

Air transit: not included 

Transportation from the airport: ATL international airport. We ask that all participants arrive to the airport by 2:00pm for a 3pm pick up from the airport to the retreat lodging. *Extra fee of $50 for transportation to and from airport will be invoiced. 

Welcome to the Supreme Essence family! This certification course is for those looking to learn how to make raw living foods, understand the nutrition behind it, how to aesthetically plate your food, and become a raw living foods chef to become a social media influencer, start or further your expertise in  your business,  for yourself, or just to wow your friends and family.


Supreme Essence Raw Food cleansing and wellness Retreats introduce you to a world beyond your normal boundaries, giving you a balanced blend of health & adventure, movement & stillness, focus & fun. Our four days and three nights, all-inclusive retreats feature exceptional raw vegan food, transportation from the airport, lodging accommodations, workshops, energy work/healing, meditation, yoga & more!


We are seasoned Natural health facilitators. We fully engage with our guests, giving you the best of our talents, attention, knowledge, and wisdom; presenting a seamless flow of exceptional offerings and retreat know-how. Attending an event with Supreme Essence is more than just a retreat, it is a full-blown experience for your senses, nourishes your body, and feeds your soul. 


We make it our mission to address the health of the physical body, emotional field, mental awareness, and Spiritual nature of everyone in the Supreme family. Attending our laudable retreats, you will leave feeling more expanded and in possession of greater levels of wholeness and clarity on life. 

This course is for anyone but would be particularly be appeasing to those:

  • Wanting to receive education and guidance in raw living foods culinary arts

  • Who would like to start a raw living foods business 

  • Learn a new skill

  • Sharpen and add to your culinary skills

  • Show off to your friends and family!

  • Be able to provide nourishing and delicious foods to a family member or friend looking to heal through food 


In this course, you will walk away with the skills to:

  • succeed as a chef or teacher in the whole food wellness industry

  • navigate your kitchen like a pro - from set-up to everyday efficiency

  • nourish and heal your body with high energy superfoods

  • create delicious, nourishing, gluten-free, low-glycemic recipes for your family, cafe, or catering business

  • adapt to changing times as a Holistic Raw Food Chef

  • teach your clients the best and most integrative diet

  • optimized your nutrition for gut & brain health

  • create recipes you can eat on a daily basis (foundational foods)


What You Can Do With Your Certification

  • Teach clients one-on-one

  • Write a cook book

  • Teach cooking classes

  • Cater retreats

  • Host cooking shows

  • Create meal plans

  • Teach in corporate wellness programs

  • Become a private chef

  • Become a food blogger/influencer

only $222 to secure your spot!

Payment Plans Available!
 Secure your spot by making a $222 deposit that will go towards your total investment.


5% Discounts For Paying in FULL!

Prices for Lodging and Non-Lodging

Private room:

$900 for single

*Early bird special $850

With option to share the private room with a partner, friend, or family members. Each additional person is $500

Shared room:

Share a room with other members for:

$750 per person

*Early bird special $700/pp

Rooms include bunk twin beds. Preference for beds will be granted in order of payments received.

No Lodging

(Participant will get their own accommodations or may reside in ATL)

$550 per person

*Early bird special $500/pp

*Early bird special ends May 21st, 2022

Space is limited, act now! Secure your spot by filling out the Contact Form below.

 all payments made are non-refundable.  
Join The Journey!

Only $222 to Secure Your Spot!

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