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Personal Transformation Program

Personal Transformation is our approach for Whole Person integration - Spiritual Embodiment , we use it as our life practice for ourselves, and family and for our clients and students. It encompasses Knowledge from Ancient Wisdom Traditions, Transpersonal Psychology, Sound healing, Trauma Informed Psycho-Somatic Therapy, Transformational Bodywork (in-person), Meditation, Somatic Awareness, Creative Expressive Art, Purification Rites, De-Hypnotherapy,  Inner Child Work- Shadow Work, Nervous System Energy Work, Breath Work, Emotional Reparenting, and much more. Personal Transformation is a distillation of our Complete Therapeutic process we call Quantum Cosmo-Genetic Therapy which in short considers that we are a structural pattern of creation with all grades of matter and energy in the universe meeting inside of us and that we are Divine in our essence but that our minds are at once a source of bondage and of liberation. We cant perfectly express our Divinity when we are replete with self sabotaging thoughts, lack emotional maturity and are physically impure. All imprints that we have received during our various developmental stages/ages can be changed consciously if we so choose.The experiences that chisel our character occurred at specific age levels and are stored in the brain as well as body and the energetic field around us and they form very specific behavior patterns and mind sets that control our destiny to a greater or lesser extent. At the foundation of this process lies Self-Accountability, Compassion, Service, Love and Wisdom.


Each of the modalities utilized in our process is dedicated to Harmonizing the Emotional Field, Expanding and Disciplining the Mental Awareness, Rejuvenating and Re-Educating the Physical Body and Attuning them to the Radiant and Transcendental Higher Rhythms of the Soul. 


Authenticity, Feeling Connected to the Totality of Life, and a Deepening of the Dimensions of all your relations, will naturally unfold from this process as long as you are doing the work. Put simply, we are going through the necessary steps to be able to master the conditions we have placed on Love.The ability to contact life more richly and deeply in ever widening degrees is  byproduct of this program.


It is the unifying thread that strings together all of the many modality beads that we facilitate and teach—all in service to the goal of helping each person create a sustainable and healthy life.


1 month  $300

2 months $500

3 months $750

6 months $1200

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