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Retreat Host Course

Become a Creator of Sacred Spaces

Ready to turn your passion for hosting into a lucrative career?

Become a Six-Figure Retreat Host! 

4 Week Course

Wednesday 8-9:30 pm

starting May 22nd, 2024


At the end of this course, you will be ready to launch your own retreat 

Are you passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for others? Do you dream of hosting retreats in breathtaking locations while earning a six-figure income? Look no further!


Introducing the Six-Figure Retreat Host program, where we provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support to launch and grow your own successful retreat business. For the last 3 years, we have had people come from all over to participate in our life-changing, and community-building retreats. We have taken the honor and integrity in building retreats that stay with you beyond the weekend. Being a retreat host has been one of our greatest honors. As creators of sacred spaces, we curate spaces that are designed to allow others to expand their consciousness and establish a deeper and more meaningful relationship with themselves. As we continue to provide these powerful retreats, we wanted to share the knowledge to those who would love the honor to do the same and would like for the process to be as seamless as possible for them. 

During our program you will:


Unlock Your Potential:

Imagine hosting retreats in exotic destinations, surrounded by like-minded individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. With our proven strategies, you'll learn how to curate unique experiences that leave a lasting impact on your attendees.


Build a Profitable Business:

We'll guide you through the process of setting up your retreat business from scratch. From finding the perfect location to marketing and sales techniques, we'll equip you with the skills needed to attract high-paying clients and generate a six-figure income.


Learn from Industry Experts:

Our program is led by experienced retreat hosts who have achieved tremendous success in the industry. They'll share their insider knowledge, tips, and tricks to help you avoid common pitfalls and fast-track your journey to becoming a six-figure retreat host.


Master Marketing Strategies:

Effective marketing is key to attracting the right audience for your retreats. We'll teach you powerful marketing strategies that will help you reach your target market, build a strong online presence, and fill your retreats with eager participants.


Network and Collaborate:

Connect with fellow retreat hosts from around the world through our exclusive community. Share insights, collaborate on joint ventures, and gain valuable support from like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges and rewards of hosting retreats.


Scale Your Business:

As a Six-Figure Retreat Host, you'll have the opportunity to scale your business and expand your reach. From hosting multiple retreats per year to creating online programs and courses, the possibilities for growth are endless.


Bonus: Access to Resources and Templates:

Gain access to a wealth of resources, including retreat planning templates, marketing materials, and financial tools. These valuable resources will save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating transformative retreat experiences.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to turn your passion for hosting into a six-figure income. Join the Six-Figure Retreat Host program today and embark on an exciting journey toward financial freedom and personal fulfillment.

Course Curriculum 

Module 1: Introduction to Retreat Hosting

- Understanding the role and responsibilities of a retreat host

- Exploring the benefits and challenges of hosting retreats

- Identifying different types of retreats and target audiences


Module 2: Planning and Preparation

- Defining the purpose and theme of your retreat

- Creating a retreat schedule and itinerary

- Selecting an appropriate location and venue for your retreat

- Managing logistics such as accommodations, meals, transportation, and amenities


Module 3: Retreat Design and Content Development

- Designing transformative experiences for participants

- Developing workshops, activities, and exercises that align with the retreat theme

- Incorporating mindfulness practices, meditation, yoga, or other wellness modalities into the retreat program


Module 4: Marketing and Promotion

- Developing a marketing strategy to attract participants

- Creating compelling retreat descriptions and promotional materials

- Utilizing online platforms, social media, and email marketing to reach your target audience


Module 5: Participant Management and Communication

- Establishing clear communication channels with participants before, during, and after the retreat

- Managing participant inquiries, registrations, and payments

- Addressing participant needs, concerns, and expectations


Module 6: Retreat Logistics and Operations

- Coordinating with staff or volunteers to ensure smooth operations during the retreat

- Managing budgets, finances, and contracts with vendors or service providers

- Ensuring safety measures and emergency protocols are in place


Module 7: Retreat Facilitation Skills

- Developing effective facilitation techniques for group dynamics and discussions

- Cultivating active listening skills and creating a safe space for participants to share their experiences

- Navigating challenging situations or conflicts that may arise during the retreat


Module 8: Post-Retreat Evaluation and Reflection

- Gathering feedback from participants to improve future retreats

- Reflecting on your own growth and learning as a retreat host

- Incorporating continuous improvement strategies into your retreat hosting practice

At the end of a retreat host course, you will gain a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to successfully plan, organize, and host retreats. Retreats are immersive experiences that provide participants with an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, learn, and connect with themselves and others. Here are some key things you can expect to learn in a retreat host course:


1. Retreat Planning and Logistics: You will learn how to plan and organize retreats from start to finish effectively. This includes selecting suitable locations, arranging accommodations, coordinating transportation, managing budgets, and handling logistical details such as meals, activities, and schedules.


2. Creating Retreat Themes and Content: A crucial aspect of hosting a retreat is designing meaningful themes and content that align with the goals and interests of the participants. You will learn how to create engaging workshops, classes, activities, and experiences that cater to the specific needs of your target audience.


3. Marketing and Promotion: To attract participants to your retreats, you will learn effective marketing strategies such as creating compelling retreat descriptions, utilizing social media platforms, building a website or landing page, and implementing email marketing campaigns. You will also explore ways to collaborate with influencers or partners in the wellness industry.


4. Participant Engagement and Support: As a retreat host, it is essential to create a supportive and inclusive environment for participants. You will learn techniques for fostering connection among participants, facilitating group discussions or activities, providing individual support when needed, and ensuring everyone feels safe and comfortable throughout the retreat.


5. Business Management: Running a successful retreat hosting business requires solid business management skills. You will gain knowledge in areas such as financial management, legal considerations (e.g., liability waivers), customer relationship management (CRM), contracts with venues or suppliers, insurance coverage, and risk management.


6. Self-Care for Retreat Hosts: Hosting retreats can be demanding both physically and emotionally. You will learn self-care practices to maintain your own well-being, manage stress, and prevent burnout. This may include techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, setting boundaries, and seeking support from mentors or peers.


7. Evaluation and Continuous Improvement: After hosting a retreat, it is important to evaluate its success and gather feedback from participants. You will learn how to assess the impact of your retreats, make necessary improvements based on feedback, and continuously refine your hosting skills.

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