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Supreme Essence

At the heart of our practice lies a profound commitment to holistic wellness, weaving together the intricate tapestries of somatics, trauma resolution, self-mastery, detoxification, and the deep, transformative work of psychological and emotional integration all so you can step boldly into your Health, Power, and Authenticity. Our expertise extends into the realms of shadow work, aiding in the gentle unveiling and healing of subconscious blockages, thus empowering individuals to stand at their edge and courageously leap towards the full spectrum of their authentic selves. We are not just practitioners, but creators of sacred spaces, dedicated to nurturing and optimizing health at every level of being. Through our supportive and compassionate approach, we guide each person on their unique journey towards liberation, embracing the totality of who they are. Welcome to our community, where your journey towards holistic health and self-discovery is deeply supported.

Meditating in Nature

Akiyla McQueen

As a homeschooling Momprenuer of 3, Akiyla McQueen stands at the confluence of education, healing, and transformative culinary arts, redefining the journey of holistic well-being. With a Master's degree in Music Therapy, her specialization in mental health and wellness has paved the way for her profound journey as an initiated Shaman and intuitive counselor. Akiyla's guidance illuminates the path for individuals navigating their spiritual and emotional quests.

As a certified raw vegan chef, Akiyla not only crafts meals that heal and energize but also mentors others, spreading the gospel of nutritional healing. Her role as a professor is marked by the impartation of sacred teachings to future holistic health practitioners, merging the threads of ancient wisdom with contemporary healing practices.

Akiyla McQueen is renowned for hosting retreats that offer sacred spaces for people from all walks of life, creating opportunities for self-actualization and mastery in chosen fields of brilliance. Her expertise extends to being a Reiki Master, Plant Medicine Facilitator, Sound therapist, and Energy medicine Practitioner where she harnesses universal energies to foster healing and equilibrium. Her engagement with plant medicine acts as a conduit to the profound wisdom of nature.

Embodied as a holistic engineer and energy technician, Akiyla is fervently dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. Through a spectrum of healing modalities, she is a beacon for those on their transformative path towards enlightenment and self-mastery, making Akiyla McQueen a pivotal figure in the service of global awakening.


Supreme/Sri Neptune LoveWisdom

I am a Quantum Holistic Wellness Practitioner and a light working-shadow working Somatic Self Mastery Life Coach. I help guide and support your journey into your own Darkness so that you can liberate your life force energy from the past and powerfully awaken in this present moment. I support your Conscious Evolution and the steps needed to master the subconscious conditions you have placed on Love and the unconscious contracts you formed with Life. 


 Im also a Practioner of Alchemical Alignment ™  which is an advanced somatic healing modality that "weaves together the wisdom of many traditions with modern neuroscience in order to offer personal, ancestral, and collective healing." It is a form of healing that allows for the metabolism/ sequencing of undigested life experiences that are stored in the body, nervous system, and cells.  

I am also a Raw Vegan/Living Food Chef certified by the Sunfired Culinary Institute ™ under the tutelage of Dr.Aris Latham.

Lastly, I'm a Sound Healer & Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Licensed Massage Therapist.​


Uhuru McQueen CNM


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