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Alternative Therapy

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification

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Open Your Heart and Transform Lives as a Reiki Healer 

Changing lives with healing hands one person at a time

This is a 1:1 class that is split into two parts. One part virtual video that is completed first and other in person.



Akiyla McQueen is a highly skilled and dedicated Reiki Master, Shaman, and Energy medicine facilitator with a passion for healing and spiritual growth. With over seven years of experience in the practice of Reiki, Akiyla has become a trusted and respected practitioner in the field.  Intrigued by its ability to promote balance, relaxation, and overall well-being, Akiyla embarked on a path of self-discovery and mastery. Through rigorous training and continuous practice, Akiyla honed her skills as a Reiki practitioner, delving deep into the principles and techniques that make this modality so effective. She's studied under renowned Reiki Masters, immersing herself in the teachings of traditional Usui Reiki.


Level 1 Course Objectives:

- Understand the history and philosophy of Reiki

- Learn about the energy body and its connection to physical, mental, and emotional well-being

- Develop a clear understanding of the principles and ethics of Reiki practice

- Learn hand positions for self-healing and treating others

- Explore techniques for grounding, centering, and protecting energy

- Experience guided meditations and exercises to enhance intuition and energetic sensitivity

- Receive attunements to open the energetic channels for Reiki healing

- Practice giving and receiving Reiki treatments


Level 1 Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Reiki

   - History and origins of Reiki

   - Understanding energy healing


2. The Energy Body

   - Introduction to chakras and their significance in energy healing

   - Exploring the aura and its layers


3. Principles and Ethics of Reiki Practice

   - The Five Reiki Principles (Gokai)

   - Maintaining ethical boundaries in energy healing


4. Self-Reiki Techniques

   - Hand positions for self-healing

   - Grounding, centering, and protecting your energy


5. Attunements

   - Explanation of attunements and their purpose

   - Receiving the Level 1 attunement

6. Treating Others with Reiki

   - Hand positions for treating others

   - Guidelines for conducting a Reiki session


7. Intuition and Energetic Sensitivity

   - Developing intuition in energy healing

   - Exercises to enhance energetic sensitivity


8. Guided Meditations and Visualization

   - Using meditation to deepen the Reiki experience

   - Visualization techniques for healing and manifestation


9. Practice Sessions

   - Pairing up and practicing giving and receiving Reiki treatments

   - Sharing experiences and insights


10. Course Conclusion and Certification

    - Q&A session

    - Certificate presentation

Level 2 Course Objectives:

1. Deepen understanding: The Level 2 course aims to deepen your understanding of Reiki principles, techniques, and energy healing.

2. Learn symbols and their applications: You will learn the sacred symbols used in Reiki and how to use them for specific purposes such as emotional healing, distance healing, and mental clarity.

3. Enhance intuition: The course will help you develop your intuitive abilities to sense energy imbalances and guide your healing practice.

4. Expand healing abilities: You will learn advanced techniques to amplify the flow of Reiki energy, enabling you to provide more powerful and effective healing sessions.

5. Gain confidence: Through practice and guidance, you will gain confidence in your ability to channel Reiki energy and trust your intuition during healing sessions.

6. Ethical considerations: The course will cover ethical guidelines for practicing Reiki, including maintaining client confidentiality, setting boundaries, and practicing self-care.


Level 2 Course Curriculum:

1. Review of Level 1: A brief review of Level 1 concepts and techniques to ensure a solid foundation before progressing to Level 2.

2. Introduction to symbols: You will be introduced to the sacred symbols used in Reiki, including their names, meanings, and how to draw them accurately.

3. Symbol applications: Explore the various applications of the symbols in Reiki practice, such as distant healing, emotional healing, mental clarity, and protection.

4. Distance Healing Techniques: Learn techniques for sending Reiki energy across time and space to individuals or situations that are not physically present.

5. Advanced Energy Techniques: Discover advanced techniques to enhance the flow of Reiki energy, including beaming, scanning, and clearing energetic blockages.

6. Intuition Development: Explore exercises and practices to deepen your intuitive abilities for sensing energy imbalances and receiving guidance during healing sessions.

7. Ethics and Professionalism: Understand the ethical considerations and professional standards for practicing Reiki, including client boundaries, confidentiality, and self-care.

8. Hands-on Practice: Engage in hands-on practice sessions with fellow students to apply the newly learned techniques and receive feedback from the instructor.

9. Attunement: Receive a Level 2 Reiki attunement, which will further open your energy channels and enhance your ability to channel Reiki energy.


Course includes:

Live educational videos

Access to recorded videos to look back over

Homework assignment



Community support

10% off retreats

Opportunity to be a part of our affiliate program

Be listed as a Reiki healer in our network.

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