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Somatic Mysticism

Service Description

The intention for each of these classes is to create a sacred space for the safe and supported exploration and embodiment of Alchemical Healing Principles. We will be learning theory and practical applications for our very own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation and regeneration.

The content within this class series is deeply informed by cutting edge neuroscience, somatic psychology, pre/perinatal psychology, depth psychology, quantum biology, ancient wisdom traditions-mystical philosophy, bodywork modalities, and somatics.

Each class you will learn several practical things you can do or use for health optimization. There will be enough theory for you to cognitively "chew" on and enough direct experience to integrate into your daily life.


Each class you will have an opportunity to...

Develop a widened range of regulation

Learn practical tips for self healing and cleansing

Increase your emotional intelligence

Cultivate self awareness

Regulate your nervous system

Learn different modes of perception

Become increasingly aware of your relationship to choice, power, and surrender

Have your edge supported

These classes will be especially beneficial if..

  • you work with babies, children, or adults in any therapeutic capacity

  • you are currently on a healing journey

  • your wanting to ground a bit more theory or practice into your daily routine

  • you want to tighten your relationship to your own energy and be more aligned and intentional

Each class will be featured on zoom and start at 8pm Est and end at about 9:15pm.

This week is class #3 Quantum Biophysics and Spiritual Purification! You will not want to miss this, especially if you already blend science with spirituality!  

Once you've signed up you also will receive the recording from the class for your own personal use at least 1-2 days after the class

Please bring a yoga mat, notebook, hydration, and an open Heart-Mind. 

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