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Your Birth Rites

Every woman has a right to be fully informed and empowered by her birthing experience


Uhuru is an exemplary Certified Nurse midwife who has been in practice for over 25 years delivering over thousands of babies from all over the world. She has spent the last decade traveling all over the world to places like Qatar, Haiti, Cameron, Kenya, St Thomas, and more educating hospital staff on midwifery as well as assisting in delivering babies. Uhuru has dedicated her life to her practice and has an laudable rapport with her mommas.

She is also a certified childbirth educator & Hypno-birther.


A Nontraditional Online Childbirth Class

Childbirth Information Sessions

Reclaiming our Feminine Birthrights

"Every Woman has the innate ability to give birth "

“…one cannot actively help a woman to give birth. The goal is to avoid disturbing her unnecessarily.” 

The antenatal session is to inform not instruct; it is to open your awareness lost deep in your hindbrain so you can recall and reclaim your Birthrights!

Are you pregnant or want to become pregnant? Confused about if you should do it naturally or not? Should I choose a doctor or a midwife? What about hospital, birth center or home? Should I get an epidural? Should I breast feed? Will I have enough milk, how will care for my baby? Feel confident and prepared for your upcoming birth. Sign up for our Informational session on Pregnancy, Childbirth, the Woman and her Family.  

Six sessions

Session 1: Happy Pregnancy

Introductions/Ice Breaker 

What would you like to learn from the classes?

Cultural practices around pregnancy and birth (anyone share their birth experience)

Bonding with Baby during pregnancy

Healthy habits: Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian, overcoming Anemia, Hydration, Emotions, 

Exercise: Can I do this or that exercise? (strength training, running/jogging, Yoga, Hypopressive etc.)

Discomforts in Pregnancy (back pain, swollen feet, nausea/vomiting, heart burn, etc)

Screening Test: Initial blood test, ultrasounds, diabetes screening, B/P, urine dip, STD testing, vaccine (Flu, DTP).


Session 2: Labor Interventions & Complications of Pregnancy

Fetal monitoring: external and internal monitoring;

Intravenous fluids; Not eating or drinking in labor;

Induction of labor, Pitocin, Rupture of membranes;

Pharmacological pain relief: Epidural, Opioids, Nitrous Oxide

Episiotomy, Instrumental Delivery, Caesarean delivery, Vaginal Birth after C-Section (VBAC)

Preeclampsia, Preterm birth, active management of second stage labor, postpartum hemorrhage, breech position, prolapsed cord, compressed cord, shoulder dystocia


Session 3: Ecstatic Birth: Normal Physiological Birth

What is normal physiological birth

Birth Environment: Home, Birth center, Hospital

Conditions that facilitate birth: hormones, environment, mood, attitude, companion/doula 

Movement and Positioning during labor and birth

Food/Drinks during Labor

Non-pharmacological pain relief: massage, relaxation, visualization, music, water, aromatherapy, breathing

When to call your healthcare provider?


Session 4: Joyous Birth: Normal Physiological birth

The Golden Hour- delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, early breastfeeding, bonding, 

Breastfeeding Initiation: Feeding cues, Positioning, Latching, I don’t have enough milk. 

Baby’s first assessments: Apgar, measurements, weight, Vitamin K, Vaccinations.


Session 5: Breastfeeding is the Best food for your Baby

Breast care, Engorgement and Duration

Benefits of breastfeeding, Risk of Not Breast feeding

Nutrition for Mother

Vaccines: Current research and recommendations to or not to Vaccinate


Session 6: Postnatal Pampering

Changes after giving birth

Personal hygiene (episiotomy, lacerations, lochia, C-section wound care)

Body Image: Exercise, Kegels, Hypopressive

Newborn care

Postpartum blues/depression

Adjusting to new Family dynamics 

Planning your next pregnancy


Disclaimer: These sessions are for information only they are not to take the place of your healthcare providers advise or a substitute for healthcare.

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