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PRESALE/EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICE $350 After August 10th full pricing will be $500


Welcome students! We are so excited to have you apart of the Supreme Essence Academy. The Raw Vegan & Juice Certification class begin September 2-5th. Class will consist of live videos, recorded videos, as well as include documents, and recipe sheets. Students will gain access to preparation modules on August 15th and will gain full access to all modules on September 1st. In preparation for class please see below the days and times for live sessions. All educational videos will be recorded, or in document format, and all live classes will be food and juice prep, and aesthetic plating. Students will present their food to the class or will be required to send photos or videos to the teachers if unable to attend any one of the live classes during the allotted time. All videos, and live food preps, must be completed in order to receive your certification of completion. 


September 2nd - Live class 6pm-8:30pm


September 3rd Live class 10am-12:30pm


September 4th Live Class 10am-12:30pm


September 5th Live Class 6pm-8:30pm 


This course is for anyone but would be particularly be appeasing to those:

  • Wanting to receive education and guidance in raw living foods culinary arts

  • Who would like to start a raw living foods business 

  • Learn a new skill

  • Sharpen and add to your culinary skills

  • Show off to your friends and family!

  • Be able to provide nourishing and delicious foods to a family member or friend looking to heal through food 


In this course, you will walk away with the skills to:

  • succeed as a chef or teacher in the whole food wellness industry

  • navigate your kitchen like a pro - from set-up to everyday efficiency

  • nourish and heal your body with high energy superfoods

  • create delicious, nourishing, gluten-free, low-glycemic recipes for your family, cafe, or catering business

  • adapt to changing times as a Holistic Raw Food Chef

  • teach your clients the best and most integrative diet

  • optimized your nutrition for gut & brain health

  • create recipes you can eat on a daily basis (foundational foods)


What You Can Do With Your Certification

  • Teach clients one-on-one

  • Write a cook book

  • Teach cooking classes

  • Cater retreats

  • Host cooking shows

  • Create meal plans

  • Teach in corporate wellness programs

  • Become a private chef

  • Become a food blogger/influencer


Once Signed up, you will receive a welcome email and link to our teachable platform.

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