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Trauma, Totality, Incarnation, and Time

Take a moment after each sentence to pause and notice how your body responds to these words.


Health is fundamentally about aligning with the soul's keynote, a divine frequency constantly in play. Healing involves discovering this note and removing any obstacles to its full expression.

Understanding Trauma

  • A Time Disorder: Trauma can be seen as a disorder in time where individuals are stuck in the past, fixated on unresolved experiences, or disconnected from their bodies.

  • Psychic Division: Trauma causes parts of the psyche to split from conscious awareness, leaving one's life force trapped outside the present.

  • The Nature of Trauma: It arises from experiences that are overwhelming, arriving too rapidly for our resources to handle.

  • Rehabilitation and Rhythm: Healing trauma involves reconnecting with one's personal rhythm, a crucial step towards recovery.

The Pillars of Health

A healthy being is in harmony with their community, nature, the sun, breath, time, and space, as well as their internal environment. Somatic Self Mastery is about achieving congruence between our inner world and external reality, aligning us with the present.

Fullness in Time

  • Exploring Pace: Discovering our own pace—how quickly or slowly we move into action—helps us understand our reactive tendencies and creative potentials.

  • Divine Rhythm: What does the rhythm of Divinity look like for you? Identifying with natural rhythms, like that of a whale, can teach us about right timing and speed in our relationships and life pursuits.

  • Finding Freedom through Pace: Understanding your pace leads to freedom, authenticity, power, creativity, and a unique sense of self.

  • Creative Destiny: Working with your pace aligns with the soul's creative destiny and the development of a healthy, autonomous self.

Conscious Incarnation

Consciously incarnating your totality involves finding your unique rhythm, akin to how you entered the world in your physical birth—on your own time. This process allows for the expression of the many layers of your being, across all stages of development, bringing all aspects of yourself into inclusion.


Moving at your own pace allows more of your multifaceted nature to be expressed, leading to a fuller, more authentic existence. This journey of alignment, healing, and discovery invites us to live fully in the present, embracing our totality, incarnation, and time.

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